“However, the orchestra played in such a way that we certainly did not have a reason to be sad. We could enjoy a great cast mainly in the brass section, whose melodies and themes echoed several times through valleys, across mountains and beyond. We heard beautiful solos especially in the part of the 1st French horn (Zuzana Rzounková), oboes and other wind instruments that were pleasantly connected with the strings. The demanding score was performed by Inkinen with a noble sound of the whole ensemble, especially in the passages of the greatest fortissimos, which, thanks to their masterful instrumentation, did not lose the luster and legibility of individual instrument groups and voices. Overall, the evening was conceived with a depth of thought and honored with respectable performances by artists. The end of the season was very successful for one of our leading orchestras. ”

Kristýna Farag – 22. 6. 2019, klasikaplus.cz


"The orchestra played extremely focused – capturing many mood swings from the bizarre sounds of scherzo through the uncompromising severity of the first part to the dreamy episodes and the clear conclusion."

Petr Veber – 11. 4. 2019, klasikaplus.cz


“Strings were significant in legato, light-hearted hovering tones of wooden instrument solos, and brass section played well. You could see that the conductor and the orchestra made sure that all parts were worked out in detail."

Aleš Bluma – 1. 2. 2019, klasikaplus.cz