We recommend

For evening concerts for men, we consider a dark lounge suit, a light-coloured shirt, a tie or a bow tie and dark formal shoes the most suitable attire. There is no need to wear full black tie with a dinner jacket, although there would be no harm in wearing it. Likewise, it would not offend anyone if instead of a lounge suit you wore formal dark trousers, a decent shirt and a jacket that goes well with the trousers, fits you and you feel comfortable in it…

Women usually wear a little black dress or a cocktail dress in other colours. For an even more festive effect, you may wear a long evening gown. A suit or formal trousers and a blouse would be also suitable. You may find useful a bolero or shawl to cover naked shoulders. In any case, it is best not to attract too much attention with a top cut too low, phosphorescent colours or jingling decorations. Court closed-toe shoes with medium heel are recommended. The handbag, jewellery and other accessories should be discreet.

Please deposit larger bags, knapsacks, jackets and coats in the cloakroom.

What to avoid

To avoid unwelcome attention due to your appearance, please stay away from informal clothes, such as jeans, shorts and sport shoes.

Please make sure that you do not make noise with items in your pockets. Mobiles should be switched off or in airplane mode.