Business information

Business information


Orchestral concerts, Smetana Hall, Municipal House: 300–900 CZK

Familly concerts: 150 CZK, 300 CZK

Chamber concerts, Church of St. Simon and St. Jude: 200–300 CZK

Chamber concerts, Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia: 250 CZK

Piano recitals, Dvořák Hall, Rudolfinum: 200–900 CZK

Please note that the tickets can not be refunded or exchanged!

Seating plan

Smetana Hall, Municipal House

Church of St. Simon and St. Jude

Dvořák Hall, Rudolfinum

Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia


Discounts of 50 % on individual tickets are available for:

• up to 15 years of age,

• Holders of ZTP and ZTP–P (disability),

• Seniors (born in or before 31. 12. 1953),

• Students.

Discounts of 50 % on subscription tickets are available for:

• Holders of ZTP and ZTP–P Cards (disability),

• Children up to 15 years of age for the Family Concerts and Sunday Series.

FAMILY TICKET – children go free!

The family ticket is valid for two adults and one to three children under the age ov 15 for any concert organised by the Prague Symphony Orchestra. The family ticket price is simply the full price of two tickets in your chosen category.

Discounts of 5 % on individual tickets are available for:

• Holders of Opencard.

High-school and university music students can purchase standing tickets for 50 CZK.

To claim the discounts you need to present documents confirming the relevant status (e.g. documents confirming date of birth, student status etc.). One individual can only claim one discount. Discounts can be provided only at the PSO advance booking office.


We ask concert-goers to respect the conventions of formal dress. Ticket holders will not be allowed into the hall once the concert has started. Taking photographs, filming or any kind of audio and/or video recording without the permission of the Prague Symphony Orchestra and the Municipal House is strictly forbidden. We must request members of the audience to turn off their mobile telephones and sound signals from watches before entering the hall.

We reserve the right to change dates, programmes and performers.