Smetana Hall, Municipal House
31.1.2018 10:00  
31.1.2018 19:30  
1.2.2018 19:30  


MAURICE RAVEL La valse, danse poem
JIŘÍ GEMROT Concerto for oboe and orchestra (world premiere)
HECTOR BERLIOZ Symphonie Fantastique op. 14
Vilém VEVERKA | oboe
Tomáš NETOPIL | conductor
There are many violin concertos. And perhaps even more piano concertos. But oboe concertos? Certainly not as many and never enough. And yet how intoxicating is the colour of the oboe? Reed cane could not dream of more purposeful existence. And now something new is emerging. The other day the oboist Vilém Veverka, composer Jiří Gemrot and conductor Tomáš Netopil got together and a new concerto sprang up; its world premiere will be given by the FOK orchestra who has it in their genes to open new horizons. On top of it, it is going to be a dance evening thanks to Ravel, and thanks to Berlioz for fellow musicians an autobiographical evening, as the Symphonie fantastique has a subtitle An Episode in the Life of an Artist.  
Prices: 300, 360, 460, 600,- Kč
Meeting with the artists: 
31. 1. 2018, 6.15 p.m. – Pattiserie Hall, Municipal House
free for visitors of this concert