Smetana Hall, Municipal House
7.3.2018 19:30  


JOHANNES BRAHMS Sonata for violin and piano No. 2 in A major Op. 100
KAROL SZYMANOWSKI Mythes “Trois Poemes” Op. 30
DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH Sonata for violin and piano Op. 134
Julia FISCHER | violin
Yulianna AVDEEVA | piano
In music one and one does not always equal two, but sometimes three or even more. Especially when talking about such an incredible pair: violinist Julia Fischer and pianist Yulianna Avdeeva. They are able to play four hands at a remarkably high level – thanks to Julia’s Slovak mother, the pianist Viera. Julia Fischer’s violin successes are well known, so let’s remind ourselves that the Russian pianist won the prestigious Chopin competition in 2010 in Warsaw. And let’s not forget the instruments we shall hear this March evening at the Smetana Hall: Yulianna will of course play the hall’s brilliant Steinway, and Julia will bring her impressive 1742 Guadagnini violin. Maybe, one day when this violin is passed on in the world, it will be called "ex-Fischer". (There are other Guadagnini instruments called ex-Wieniawski and ex-Kubelík)
Prices: 400, 560, 660, 800,- Kč